About Us

About Us

Is SIPPLI-NING the new Normal?

Glass hygiene in a public place has always been questionable, while some of us surreptitiously explore ways to clean the rim, many of us turn a blind eye.

Rohit Warrier of Warrier Electronics identified this gap in oral hygiene. Using his hospitality background to his advantage, he set out to find a solution.

His answer came in the form of Sippline, drinking shield, a protective layer between your lips and the rim of the glass. A perfect personal hygiene product that ensures no matter where you drink & what you drink your lips touch a sterile, clean surface.

Designed for Glassware, Sippline is envisaged to change the way people enjoy a drink out of their homes. It is a revolution in drinking hygiene.

Warrier Electronics specializing in fire suppression solutions and offering products under the Brand name WEFIRE came into operation in 2010.

Expanding into a new vertical to offer fire suppressions systems to the all-important kitchen hoods in a commercial kitchen gave birth to a new entity called Warrier Sicura.

Make every drink Safe with Sippline

What makes us tick?

Respect is all about treating people with appreciation & dignity, without the consideration of their status, wealth, position, caste, creed, or political beliefs. We believe one earns respect by giving it.

Excellence is about consistent performance as per the predefined standard, topping it with small and continuous improvement in one’s achievement over time.

Innovation is creating an environment and a mindset that encourages employees on a day to day basis to explore ways by which they can do things differently. Innovation is about challenging the status quo. Innovation is also about small things – such as re-utilization of a given object for a different use or application by incorporating minor alterations.

Integrity is a part of our very culture. It is not only about how we conduct business, but having a team with upstanding character traits, sound judgement, honesty, dependability, and loyalty makes it our culture.

“With Sippline we are addressing a very real and significant problem of hygienic consumption of beverages in public places not just in India but across the world”

Rohit WarrierSerial Entrepreneur

A serial entrepreneur and founder of Warrier Electronics, Co-founder of Warrier Sicura, Rohit Warrier is a passionate person driven to bring a positive change in every industry he touches. Having brought to light the importance of fire suppression for critical equipment with WEFIRE and Warrier Sicura, he has now turned his attention to oral hygiene.

His innate drive to innovate coupled with his hospitality background fired the idea of relooking at oral hygiene in a novel way that found expression in Sippline™ – a protective drinking shield between your lips and the rim of the glass. It ensures no matter where you drink & what you drink, your lips touch a sterile, clean surface. Designed for Glassware, Sippline™ is likely to change the way people enjoy a drink out of their homes.

Excellence, innovation, integrity and respect are the pillars that he leans on to run his business. Being a people’s person, he is a firm believer in the potential of his employees to deliver excellence time & again.  He often says “a company is as good as its people; our excellence is a reflection of their efforts”!

An IHM graduate, with a diploma in Fire Industrial & Safety engineering, and 12+years of experience under his belt, of which 10+years have gone into forming & leading organizations. Rohit is an avid reader and loves music. On the personal side, Rohit is all set to take a new plunge and explore skydiving.

The Team

that makes it all happen
Suruchi Kakkar

Suruchi Kakkar Khanna

HR and Finance

Although Suruchi is from an HR background, her ability to initiate, take charge and lead; combined with a curiosity to learn and execute things out of her domain has led her to be an asset in our team in a noticeably short period. She is organized, committed, dedicated with ownership focused on results.

Sheela Mishra

Sheela Mishra

Operations in charge

Like Suruchi, Sheela is a multi-talented personality. Street smart, funny and a wanna-be standup comedian, she has her unique way of finding solutions to a problem. Her previous experience with multi-national companies such as Eicher and MAN trucks has helped bring professionalism to the team and its culture.

Rahul Kamble

Rahul Kamble

Director (Warrier Sicura Pvt Ltd)

Rahul’s experience in setting up a bakery manufacturing unit brings with it the ability to face the unexpected, an everyday occurrence in a start-up. With his calm and composed demeanor, he understands people well. He is the go-to person to sort any internal conflicts within the team.